Whether you’re a novice dancer or you’re trying to brush up on your skills for competition, you’ll get the type of instruction you need at Dancin’ Ballroom.

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The Story Behind Dancin' Ballroom

Dreaming Of Becoming A Ballroom Legend?

Dancin’ Ballroom was founded by the Williams family (Ronald, Rema and Alan) who started their dance careers at a very early age in Richmond, Virginia. They are well-known as the first family of American Ballroom Dancing, a title they acquired when they were first named grand champion dancers in national competition. Ronald Williams first moved to New York City, where he taught ballroom dancing at the Arthur & Kathryn Murray Studio on Fifth Avenue. He had earned his national accreditation for dance judging in 1972 and achieved similar distinction in several organizations abroad, rising to world-class status as a judge in 1984. He was a Fellow and Examiner for the World Professional Dance Association and a five-time representative/Captain of the United States World Class team. As a former President of the National Dance Teachers Association, he also served on the National Dance Board for fifteen consecutive years and was the American Judge for seven world competitions.

He was honored with the U.S. Dance Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990 and inducted into the Millenium Dancesport Hall Of Fame in 2009 along with his brother (Alan) and sister (Rema) as the “First Family of Dance”.

Deciding to semi-retire in 2015, Mr. Williams turned his business over to Christopher McCain and became an advisor/instructor to the studio. Mr. McCain started ballroom dancing in 2010 and gave up his own business to take on the studio full-time, while being groomed for management. He and his wife, Nicole, now own the studio and maintain the strong foundation that Mr. Williams and long-time employees (Phillip Hollifield and David Whittaker) have enjoyed for years. We are proud also to have Jakob Preston, Atanas Pavlov, Stuart Palmer and Jazmyn (Jazzy) Durgin on our team (please read their bios) with Joan Sanfilippo on our reception desk. If you need any assistance or have any questions on what we can offer here at Dancin’ Ballroom please call us at (352) 319-6767.

Chris McCain Owner Ballroom Dancing Leesburg
Chris and Nicole McCain

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Waltz • Tango • Fox trot • Cha-cha • Rumba • Viennese Waltz • East Coast Swing • West Coast Swing • Salsa • Mambo • Bolero • Waltz • Two Step

There is always something for everyone happening at Ballroom Dancing in Leesburg. With a dozen dance styles to choose from their is a level of dance for every person. Choose a style that expresses how you feel…

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